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Rolfing® is a technique of connective tissue manipulation.  Rolfing® helps  your body approach an upright position with more ease.  It is also  helpful in reducing aches, pains, and stiffness.  It is a process of  lengthening your fascia through very slow manipulation of your tissue  with my hands, fingers, elbows and forearms. I use a bit of unscented  lotion to ease any friction.

Rolfing® isn’t  just “working deep” it is about putting your body back in order, the  way you might have been if life hadn’t had it’s way with you.  Finding  better balance from the left to right sides of your body tends to make  one more comfortable. Rolfing® assists your  body to be more vertical, with knees over ankles, hips over knees and  feet, the torso over your pelvis with the head and neck sitting  comfortably above the shoulders and torso.  Rolfing®  has been helpful with scoliosis, carpel tunnel, whiplash, migraine headaches, neck and back pain.

Our bodies tend to wander  off of our original upright stance of a four year old body, through  repetitive movements, and impact injuries.  Your body also does not know  the difference between an emotional injury and a physical injury.  A  200 hundred pound rock on your shoulders and a 200 hundred pound  emotional problem can result in very similar patterns.  Let’s not forget  genetics: we aren’t born perfect, because some connective tissue  patterns are passed to the next generation.  Ever notice how a child  often has a similar gait as his or her parent?


Rolfing® and Rolfer®

are trademarks of the Rolf® Institute.  They can only be used by Certified members in good standing of The Rolf® Institute.

General Information

There are 10 sessions in the standard series of Rolfing®. Each session lasts from 1 hour to 1 hour and 15 minutes.  The first Rolfing® session is a two hour time block.  We will go over your physical history, answer any questions, go over the process of Rolfing®   with an anatomical chart and explain the 10 series in more detail.  The  following sessions will require an hour and one half time block.

Clients come in from once a week to once a month, which ever is better for their body and their budget.

Rolfing ® fees  paid prior to each session. This can be paid  by check, Visa, Master Card. Sessions may be prepaid,  for example buy  10 sessions and receive $100.00 discount.  Prepay 5 sessions and receive  a $50.00 discount.

I do require a 24 hour notice of any cancellation.

There is a weight limit to  the bodies that I can work on.  Weight of 200 pounds is my top limit. I  also require that underwear be worn during the session. Men: Brief type  underwear or swim trunks, NO boxers please.  Women: please wear a bra  that unhooks in the back.  Pictures will be taken every other session  and you get to keep these after your tenth session.  The purpose of  these pictures is to have a pictorial record of your structural  changes.  Most people find it interesting that their body can change  shape without gaining or losing weight and independent of exercise or  the lack thereof.

About Your Rolfer®

My formal education after High School in Wisconsin, began at Layton School of Art. I wanted to be a package designer. Life changed directions, and I ended up in California.  I entered the medical field by training in the first "Bradley Method Childbirth" educators class, taught by Dr. Bradley. Which was known as Husband Coached childbirth at the time. I taught for 5 years and practiced this method myself having my own children.

I then attended Golden West College, and earned an AA degree in Human Services and a California State License as a Licensed Psychiatric Technician.

For 15 years I worked at local hospitals, such as Hoag memorial Hospital Presbyterian in Newport Beach, Western Medical Center in Anaheim, Brea Neurospychiatric Hospital in Brea and St. joseph's in Orange.

Sometime during this period I got Rolfed®. My late father was a Logan trained Doctor of Chiropractic and one of the first Rolfers® to be trained by Dr. Rolf herself!  My father gave me my first Rolfing® session. This one session gave me the first relief I had felt since an auto accident 2 years prior. 

I trained to be a Certified Rolfer® in Boulder, Colorado and opened business in September 1986 in Huntington Beach, California. I received further training in 1997 and earned my Advanced Rolfing® Certification.

During my many years of Rolfing®, I have Rolfed® wonderful men and women of all ages, even babies, and the wheelchair bound.  Persons aged from 1 week old to 90 years old have let me be their Rolfer®.

I feel very blessed to be able to do Dr. Rolfs work.

For more information on Rolfing® go to www.rolf.ord, or info@rolf.org 303-449-5903 or 800-530-8875



I  am a 72 year old woman with chronic back pain for the past 17 years.  Following several Physical Therapy and Chiropractic treatment plans,  although I felt somewhat better, I was still unable to resume normal  activities due to the continuing pain.  My husband has had great results  from Rolfing®, he referred me to Barbara.  Although I was skeptical, he  made the appointment.  My experience following the first treatment was  amazing.  I felt such relief.  The following regimen was 10 treatments  for the next 10 weeks.  My pain was gone and for the first time in  years, I could have a life with the activities I have so enjoyed. Now, I  return on a quarterly basis to maintain my pain free existence.  Thank  you so much Barbara, I am grateful my husband introduced me to you and  the art of Rolfing®.


Carmen H 


Years  ago, I fell out of a loft and anded on the right side of my body. Over  time, the injury began affecting my day-to-day activities.  I had  trouble sitting and standing for long periods of time and the motion of  braking and accelerating while driving was incredibly painful. I tried  stretching, deep tissue massages, Chiropractic adjustments and  treatment, hanging from a gravity table, even Acupuncture.  Nothing  penetrated or relieved the pain.  One day a masseuse said to me,”I may  lose you as a client, but I think you should try Rolfing®.”  She  referred me to Barbara and she was right...within the first 10 sessions,  Rolfing ® completely penetrated and brought long-term relief to the intense pain the injury caused.  I was sold on the benefits of Rolfing® and have been a client of Barbara’s ever since!

Karen O

Any relief at all from back pain would be great” is what I wrote on the “expectations” card when I me Barbara Anderson.

Broken bones, dislocation,  other injuries...I love them because I get them by playing hard.  By 35,  I believed I was paying the price for my hard playing--and my back  pain, knee pain, discomfort sitting and everything else were part of my  life forever.  Pain was a given. “Any relief “ was all I asked of any  treatment. Regular Chiropractic, massage, ibuprofen, and eventually  surgery were my expectations.

Within a short time of Rolfing® treatment with Barbara Anderson, I had pain-free days-which I had not expected ever again.

Today, I rock-climb,  surf,snowboard, run, skate, bike, and play hard with my tween-age boys  more than ever.  I enjoy pain-free days more than not.

When I have a great time beating my body up again, I say “Fix it, Barb!”

Thank you,Barbara

Gregory Keyes

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